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Movies Updated 28 February 2014/Members Galleries Updated 25 February 2014


We know what you like....

We know what you like, because we love it too!

And what we love is girls who love to bust nuts.

There's no shrill fake laughter here. No dommes doing just another days work, or models worrying about how much it hurts.

Just enthusiastic ladies and lots of collateral damage...

What we love most, of course, is finding eager first timers - ladies who've never had the opportunity to fulfill their ballbusting fantasies.

Sometimes they're models; sometimes they're model's friends who just want to try it too. We like that. We like that A LOT.

And yes, we know that sometimes you like to see sadistic mistresses who love to hurt, so if they love busting, we tend to love them

100% of the girls we use ask if they can do it again. We like that too, because then we KNOW they've had fun.

So, if you love watching girls who kick , punch, slap and knee guys in the balls just because THEY LIKE IT - join today!


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