I Must Not Bully Girls
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Chantel & Shay Hendrix are enjoying break time when they are rudely interrupted by a guy throwing paper at them and taunting them. Unfortunately for him the Head Teacher Mistress Anber Leigh appears and sees what is going on and has no alternative but to punish him. This she does in her own way by ordering him to strip naked and proceeding to knee and kick him in the balls. Chantel and Shay look on with pleasure and Mistress Amber invites them to join in with punishing him. All three girls then proceed to punish him by kicking, kneeing, punching, grabbing and twisting his balls. They also make him put his cock and balls through a hole in a sheet of wood so that they can torture them. Then Mistress Amber orders him to write in the blackboard 'I must not bully girls' . This is made more difficult by the fact that all three girls continue to kick him in the balls as he is writing and so making him make mistakes. Eventually Mistress Amber orders him to run around the playground naked and leaves Chantel and Shay to enjoy the rest of their break.