Miss Jemstone is sitting quietly at home when the double glazing salesman from hell calls. He 'flashes' her as he follows her in to the room and when she queries his attire he exposes himself again. Jem quickly slaps him hard and then knees him in the balls. He is not going to get away with behaviour like this. She orders him to remove his flasher mack and then proceeds to kick and knee him harder and harder in the balls in order to teach him not to be so repulsive to women in the future. She kicks and knees him from the front and the back and bends him over to get to his exposed balls more easily. When she finishes with him she throws him back out on the street exposed.

The film is presented in High Def Windows Media and Standard Def Windows Media as well as Standard Def DivX (for non PC users).
Busting the 'Flash' Salesman

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